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Demolition and Concrete Construction Services

Selective Demolition

We have performed selective demolition for a wide range of projects including office buildings, retail centers, churches, schools, hospitals, restaurants, warehouses, and industrial facilities. Our crews are full-time, permanent employees with an average of eight years on the job.

We understand the importance of removing interior finishes in a systematic, controlled fashion to minimize the impact on the remaining structure and its occupants while at the same time meeting the schedule demands of the customer.

Concrete Cutting

Within our organization are teams that specialize in concrete cutting and removal. With state-of-the-art hi-cycle equipment, we can cut concrete slab, elevated slab, pre-cast walls and structural concrete with no impact on air quality. This means new stair openings can be cut in high-rise office towers with power provided by the building.

Concrete Polishing

In addition to cutting, we now offer concrete polishing for those projects specifying polished concrete floors. Some of the benefits of polished concrete flooring are durability, ease of cleaning, reduced allergen problems, low-maintenance, stain- and slip-resistant and eligible for LEED credits.

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Total Building Demolition

When an entire structure (up to 3 stories) is to be demolished and removed from the site, we can provide a complete solution including permits, notifications, dust control, and haul routes. Our demolition professionals have extensive experience in wrecking buildings safely and efficiently and can provide separation of the target building from anything planned will remain.


We can offer solutions for your projects with environmental concerns including asbestos abatement through our licensed and insured partners.