Atlantic Station

Atlantic Station is an upscale commercial and residential area. At its heart is the open-air Atlantic Station mall, with popular fashion and home decor stores. Interior Demolition Services was contracted to strip two large retail stores to make way for the new Forever 21 and Bowlero.

In Atlantic Station our team stripped two large retail stores. Everything from the interior walls, ceilings, finishes and MEP. This was to make way for a new Forever 21 and a Bowlero. Most notably our team removed a three story piston elevator and all related mechanical material as was extensive amounts of elevated concrete slab. Lastly, our team removed all exterior concrete sidewalks and curb.

Our teams understand that adapting to the needs of our clients is a huge part of our jobs

Our top priority is safety for customers, staff, and visitors to the shopping center and ensuring that the retailers can provide the services they need to.  We are there to make sure the day to day business of retail shop owners can do their jobs better. Our teams understand that adapting to the needs of our clients is a huge part of our jobs and that it’s a unique characteristic that we have to have to succeed in retail demolition.

Working in, on, and around an existing and very active retail space always presents challenges and opportunities for construction. One thing we always discuss as a team is that we’re working at a retailer that is under construction and not a construction site that just happens to be a shopping center. That makes a big difference in how we approach our work.